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Fans Without Borders / PR3-000411



Cliente o Anunciante Santa Fe Fútbol Club
Producto Santa Fe Fútbol Club
Inscrita por Santiago Cárdenas
Categoría PR3

Francisco Samper, Presidente

Carlos Andrés Rodríguez, Chief Creative Officer

Juan Pablo García , Chief Operating Officer

Camilo Plazas, Chief Innovative Officer

Juan Pablo Maldonado, Director Creativo

Camilo Jiménez, Director Creativo

Jorge Pinto, Director Creativo

Felipe Valencia, Director de Arte

Roger Gonzales, Director Creativo

Javier Cáceres, Director de Arte

Jonhatan Bolívar, Editor

Tania Guevara, Ejecutiva de Cuenta

We realized that Venezuelans are already receiving the help they need in order to supply their basic needs such as food, shelter and a citizen identification. However, very few people have taken into account some of their secondary needs, that even though they’re not as relevant, they are still very important for any human being. We’re talking about a source of entertainment, having fun, or just a change of routine. For example, having the opportunity to cheer a Football team.

To promote the campaign, we launch a video on social media and National TV. Also, we put posters in the Immigration Center inviting all Venezuelans to join the initiative. We gave away more than 19.000 season tickets and adapt a stand of the stadium for them to enjoy all are local matches.