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#TodosSomosCafé / DI6-000674



Cliente o Anunciante NESCAFÉ / Nestlé Colombia
Producto NESCAFÉ®
Inscrita por Mauricio Blanco
Categoría DI6

Bruno Bertelli, Global Creative Director Publicis

Kike Gutierrez, Global Creative Director Nestlé

Camilo Carvajal , Chief Creative Officer

Natalia Mendoza, Creative Director

Andrea Guevara, Account Director

Jose Villegas, Account Supervisor

Mauricio Blanco, CMM NESCAFÉ

Paola Espinosa, Digital Marketing

Jaime Morales, Art director

For more than 50 years, Colombia has been a divided country, thanks to violence and terrorism. With a huge effort, peace deal with FARC guerrilla was signed, but the country is still divided in 2 groups: Those who support the agreement and those who don't.
However, we do have something that makes us all proud, that brings us together: OUR COFFEE.
That's why NESCAFÉ® made an invitation to all the other coffee brands, to be an example, to show the country that if coffee brands can forget about rivalries, Colombians could to.
Through a direct message to coffee brands on one of the most important newspapers in Colombia and personalized tweets, we took off the "NES" from NESCAFÉ, and invited them to do the same, to be just coffee, and join under just one word, one hashtag: #TodosSomosCafé

12 brands said yes and did it! And together, we delivered half a million coffee cups to Colombia, to celebrate International Coffee Day.
People follow the example, they join over a coffee cup, and we showed that despite the differences, we are all COFFEE.