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Abuse Disclaimers / BEA35-000902



Cliente o Anunciante AB InBev – Aguila
Producto Cerveza Aguila
Inscrita por Miguel Merino
Categoría BEA35

Francisco Samper , Chief Executive Officer

Jose Sokoloff , Global Creative Director

Carlos Andrés Rodríguez , Chief Creative Officer

Camilo Plazas , Chief Innovation Officer

Juan Pablo García , Chief Operating Officer

Jaime Duque , Executive Creative Director

Juan David Arboleda , Creative Director

Guillermo Siachoque , Creative Director

Juan Moreno , Art Director

Andrés Torres, Art Director

Adrián Bravo , Art Director

Alejandro Chávez , Copywriter

Miguel Ángel Gómez , Copywriter

Jose Hoyos , Account Director

Sebastian Castillo , Account Executive

María Altafulla , Account Executive

Jennifer Boshell , Digital Director

Jonathan Bolivar , Editor

Camilo Medina , Sound editor

Miguel Herrera , Director

Aura Jaramillo , Producer

Miguel Merino , Franchise Brand Director

Thor Borresen , Marketing Vicepresident

Juan Alonso Torres , Franchise Brand Manager

According to recent studies conducted by the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, 12.2% of Colombian people are at risk of alcoholism, but excessive consumption is 30% higher in males. There is scientific evidence that the excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful not only for physical and mental health – it also carries issues related to safety, communal living, and family environments.

There is a law in Colombia that warns of the potential dangers of alcohol consumption. Every advertisement that features an alcoholic drink must have the disclaimer: “Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health.” On International Women’s Day, Cerveza Aguila, the most valued beer brand in Colombia, decided to use those disclaimers to deliver a forceful statement against gender violence.

We replaced the voices of the legal disclaimers in all of our ads, with the voices of women that were abused by drunken men. Then we also created a website where more women could open up to speak. The disclaimer included in all of its ads aired both on radio and TV during March were read out by real victims of gender violence who also told their stories.